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About Us

About Us

Our Story

Buying inspiring modern jewellery that represents your true personality is hard to find. Its all the more difficult to trust companies when you are buying online. Most buyers have to choose one between High Quality and Fair pricing.

G Geeta manifested a unique platform. A platform where customers can buy the best within their budget. Customers can rely on us to ship the purest 18K-Karat Gold & SI1 or SI2 clarity diamonds.

Having grown up in a goldsmith family G Geeta understands the intricacies of selecting jewellery for various occasions including daily wear. Her grandfather was a wellknown enterprenure. She took early lessons of enterprenureship from him. G Geeta is reachable directly and guarantees every item purchased through any medium from Omm.Gold

Our Mission

Democratize Gold and Diamond jewelry to make it affordable and inspiring. Innovate across acquiring raw material & deigning to produce beautiful jewelry.

Our Vision

Present humankind with a modern transparent platform that guarantees every product for purity and authenticity.

Our Credo

If Love could be seen it would resemble a piece of fine jewelry. Each individual should have access to rare diamonds and get her share of natures most beautiful creation.


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