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Privacy Policy

Collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Customers register with their email ID & mobile phone number on Omm.Gold.
Omm.Gold identifies a customer and their prefrences based on their email ID.
Customers phone numbers are a way to keep in touch with you and extend offers that can benefit when you login to make a purchase
We do not share your personal information with third parties, except in below scenarios
1. The purpose for which info is provided
2. If required by law in a given scenario
3. With required consent as may be required by law
4. With partners of Omm.Gold who work on various ways to enhance our customer offering
5. All our partners are binding under NDA however their abidance of this policy cannot be guranteed

User profile data & Concent

We use your profile data to understand your shopping needs, accounting purposes, know your choices within our product offerings & share relevant content, information and offers.
Omm.Gold takes necessary concent from its users before sharing any information


Omm.Gold is a secured website, all security features required by an E-Commerce site have being implemented to secure the data flowing on this site. Payments are made through a recongnised payment gateway, used by thousands of companies to make secured transactions over the internet. Omm.Gold does not store or have access to your credit card, debit card or banking infromation.

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